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Vintage Egyptian Revival Faience Scarab Bracelet

Vintage Egyptian Revival Faience Scarab Bracelet
Price:  £65.00

used <20 yrs old & vintage >20yrs old are pre-loved and may show signs of age. This item is:  Vintage



Vintage Egyptian revival bracelet. Diameter across 6.1cm x maximum width 3.2cm. This unusual bangle is set with dark turquoise blue faience scarabs.

This old bangle shows age and has plenty of character. It is circa 1930s - 1950s. These bracelets are not easy to find.

What is faience? It is glazed ceramic ware. Faience scarabs were hung from string or wire and then glazed and fired. Holes were made in the scarabs to use for necklaces etc.

Arabella Bianco


Specialising in Vintage Costume Jewellery