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Vintage 1950s Pink Flower Beaded Bag

Vintage 1950s Pink Flower Beaded Bag
Price:  £130.00

used <20 yrs old & vintage >20yrs old are pre-loved and may show signs of age. This item is:  Vintage



Vintage beaded bag, circa 1950s, covered in creamy white beads, with a flower design in pink, blue, green and gold beads. 17cm by 16.5cm.

It has gold tone fittings and a faux mother-of-pearl clasp. The lining is in good condition and there are two pockets.

There is a small fabric envelope containing a mirror, though the mirror is broken and missing some pieces.

There are very few beads missing. This is a beautiful fine quality beaded bag, it has a few marks but is in excellent condition.