1990s Avon Gold Plated Joyous Bell Brooch

1990s Avon Gold Plated Joyous Bell Brooch
Price:  £23.00

Era:  Vintage 20 - 100 yrs old



Avon gold plated Christmas bell and mistletoe brooch, decorated with red, green and clear diamantés.

This lovely design was called 'Joyous Bell' and is dated 1994. Length 5.1cm / 2 inches by width 4.5cm / 1.77 inches.

This is a beautiful vintage Christmas brooch from American cosmetics company Avon.

Best known for cosmetics, Avon began designing costume jewellery in 1963 as free gifts to go with their perfumes. Avon started selling jewellery separately in 1965, but until 1970 most pieces were only available with an Avon product. After 1970 the costume jewellery became a separate section in the Avon catalogue, and could be bought on its own.