Panetta Gold Tone Faux Diamond Drop Vintage Necklace

Panetta Gold Tone Faux Diamond Drop Vintage Necklace
Price:  £125.00

Era:  Vintage 20 - 100 yrs old



Luxurious Panetta gold tone necklace featuring seven glittering faux diamonds, and a slightly larger faux diamond drop.

The unusual chain is designed with linked golden tubes. Length 40cm, and the single drop is 7mm diameter.

This fine quality vintage necklace really does look like real gold and diamonds.

Beneditto Panetta emigrated from Naples, Italy in 1901 and after working for Trifari and Pennino, set up his own company in New York in 1945. He made replicas of fine jewellery, and the slogan of the company was ‘if it didn’t look ‘real’, it went back to the drawing board ‘. Jewellery was produced using the finest quality materials and limited production runs, and was therefore always expensive. Panetta was sold in the 1980s and closed in 1995.